Month: November 2020

Healthy Breakfast Muffins.

Healthy Breakfast Muffins.

These healthy breakfast muffins are perfect for hectic mornings.  From exercise to getting ready for work, to wrangling a 4-year-old to brush his teeth before we run at the door to start our day.  I am full throttle from four in the morning until bedtime. 

The best tips to start healthy meal planning

The best tips to start healthy meal planning

Healthy meal planning is hard! One thing I constantly heard from friends and old clients was they had trouble planning healthy meals, so allow me to share my healthy meal planning tips that I use for my family. Grab your planner and a notebook (or 

Gift Guide for the fitness lover in your life.

Gift Guide for the fitness lover in your life.

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I am so excited to write this post right now! I cannot tell you how many times I have had a gift exchange at work and people are like, I just don’t know what to get you…a salad?

At work, I am known as the healthy one, the one who exercises every morning and eats relatively healthy. Everyone I know struggles with what to get their healthy friend, co-worker, or even their healthy significant other so here are some ideas from myself and my healthy-ish friends. Enjoy!

Gifts under $35

So sometimes we need a gift for a friend or co-worker who is health-conscious, check out these great gift ideas for less than $35.

  • GIMME Bands No Break Hair ties. These are great for pulling up hair and staying in place during workouts and even better for everyday wear. They give your pony so much volume and I swear they stay in place during even the most intense cardio workouts! You can get different colors to match your shade of hair, check them out, you will not be disappointed!

  • Erin Condren Wellness Planner. This super cute planner can help her plan workouts, meals, track steps, and measurements. It fits easily in any purse or bag

  • Booty Bands are on so many of my friend’s wishlist this year. These bands help provide results for girls trying to grow or shape their booty and they are literally no joke! You get three levels of resistance and I promise, you’re booty will hurt (in a good way) the next day with the lightest band. A positive with these is that they do not stretch out like the rubber bands and you will absolutely get an amazing booty work out

  • A well-insulated lunch bag. I can tell you, as a girl who packs her lunch every day, my lunch bag is as important as my purse.

  • A good quality water bottle. Staying hydrated is important, and a girl can never have too many water bottles. Features such as straw or handle are a bonus.

  • A good quality yoga mat for the yogi in your life. I use my yoga mat daily for ab exercises and barre workouts. Check to make sure you’re getting a carrying strap as well. While it is not absolutely necessary, it is nice to have a strap to carry my mat outside or into the gym (if that’s your thing). These are usually included so just make sure if you want your mat to come with one you double-check.

  • Liquid I.V. So this is a neat supplement for everyone. Liquid I.V comes in easy to carry sticks that you can just add to water. One stick is the equivalent of drinking 2-3 bottles of water and provides some pretty awesome vitamins and electrolytes.

  • Gift Cards. Gift cards are amazing!! I have heard people say but I can only get a $10.00 gift card and you can’t get anything with that, but let me tell you, If there is a shirt I have been dying to get and you get me a $10.00 gift card, I am going to be stoked! Because that is $10.00 towards something I would love to have. Some people think oh I will just spend $10.00 on candy, and cheap hair ties and pens. and while I love pens (what nurse doesn’t?) I would be much more excited about the gift card to my favorite athletic leisure store.

Gifts $100 and up

My husband has often said, I don’t always know what to get you, so this section is a little more pricey. This is for the husbands, boyfriends, family, etc who are interested in maybe a bigger ticket item, although I will say a cute gym bag with all the stuff above would be nice too… Just saying.

  • Apple Watch, or any activity tracker really. I am so partial to my Apple Watch, but I also have Apple products so there’s that.
  • Blender. If she is into making healthy smoothies, look into a good blender. I currently have the Ninja Blender and love it, but I have heard great things about Vitamix as well. Let me know your favorite blender below.
  • Workout equipment. I have my eye on a Peleton, but that is not happening anytime soon. Amazon has some great options, like this super cute Indoor Cycle. You can just get the Peleton subscription and ride with any bike really (From what I hear, I’ll update when my husband gets me an indoor bike… Hint, Hint Honey) Check out the bike I have on my wish list above.
  • Talking about subscriptions, you can also pay for a gym membership if the woman in your life goes to a gym regularly. You can also pay for a personal trainer or some fun fitness classes!

I hope these help give you some idea of things you can get for that woman on your list that loves health and fitness. comment below with any extra ideas you have.