About Me

Barbara Casey Fitness


Hello Friends,

My name is Barbara and I am the owner and creator of Barbara Casey Fitness!? The goal of this blog is to encourage and inspire you to become the best version of yourself you can be.?

I want to inspire other moms to take action and start their fitness journey TODAY!? I want you to gain the knowledge and confidence to start!

As a certified fitness trainer, I will share fitness knowledge, workouts, meal ideas, recipes, and tips to help you get started and stick with it.

Make sure you connect with me on social media at barbaracaseyfitness on IG and Facebook to follow my journey and hopefully be inspired to start your own. I’d also love to hear more about what you’re wanting to see more of!?

Also, feel free to email me here –> barbara@barbaracaseywellness.com


Let me know how I can serve you better <3

Barbara Casey CPT