How to deal with post-workout hair

How to deal with post-workout hair

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How do you deal with post workout hair? This is a question I hear from time to time and thought maybe I should throw up a quick post about it!

When I first started my fitness journey years ago, no one was talking about what to do with your hair after. Should I wash it, should I spray dry shampoo on it? And while it is not that important to some, as a professional who works outside of the house I needed to look somewhat presentable, but I needed to keep my morning routine quick.

At first, I would spray my gross wet sweaty hair with dry shampoo and that was a disaster. DONT DO WHAT I DID!

I searched Pinterest but no one was posting what to do with your post-workout hair. Maybe it wasn’t important, but I needed answers and I am sure there are a few more looking for the same answers too. So let me share how I manage my hair post-workout.

My Post-Workout hair routine

  1. Immediately after my workout, I take my hair tie out and shake my hair out. Yes it looks funny, and yes I scare my kids, but just do it.
  2. Next, I use Bumble and Bumble post-workout dry shampoo mist. (This is not sponsored, I just really love this stuff!) This stuff is amazing and a little really does go along way. I spray the area that is really sweaty, typically around my ears, the nape of my neck area, and at the crown (where my ponytail was).
  3. After I spray, I put my hair in a hair clip or something that it can be put up loosely in (if your hair is long enough, a silky scrunchie would work too).
  4. Next, I break out my granny shower cap. Make sure all hair is tucked in, especially the front and sides. This is important, the steam from the shower can cause extra frizziness and you don’t need that right now!
  5. After my shower, I let my hair down and use the cool setting on my blow dryer to dry my roots. I like to apply a healing oil to the ends just to keep from drying them out (color-treated hair requires a little extra care).
  6. If you need to touch up curls do this now, otherwise, you are good to go!

I know what you’re thinking…

You want me to blow dry sweat into my hair? Have you ever used sea salt spray to get grit or texture in your hair? It is essentially the same thing but its free product right?

There you have it. This is how I do my hair every day after my workouts before work. I only wash my hair twice a week because it works for me. The rest of the time I use my Bumble and Bumble post-workout spay. In the evening I will use a dry shampoo if were nearing the next hair wash and it is needed.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see me post a video on this soon!

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