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Hey everybody, welcome to my blog about being an emergency room nurse who loves my family, traveling, adventure, health & fitness, all while working on our journey to financial independence.

Life as an emergency room nurse can be rewarding, scary, fulfilling, and STRESSFUL. I wanted a place to share all my tips for getting through it. I wanted a place where nurses can come and realize they are not alone, and those scary new nurse feelings are totally normal.

I absolutely love traveling and although I do not get to do it nearly as often as I would like with our busy schedules, I want to share all the trips we take and any tips along the way. I will share day trips, weekend trips, and the week-long trips we eventually get to take!

So, I am by no means a fitness expert, but I try my best to be healthy while living my best life. Working long hours and crazy shifts can take its toll on anyone?s body, but I want to share how I fit in exercise and fitness and healthy eating with a family.

So, I did not make some of the best financial decisions as an adult, and looking back, if I could have done some things different WOW would I ever. I want to share things I am doing currently to get us on the path to financial independence (so we can travel more of course!).

To travel more, and flip houses!

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